We welcome all English-speaking enthusiasts to Bug In Finn 2020!

General information

Bug In Finn is the main annual event of the Finnish Volkswagen Association.

The event is a wonderful blend of traditional car camping, a variety of fun activities both for grownups and kids (lowest / highest car, cruising, live bands, sauna, and of course rewards for best cars in several different classes.

The area offers full-scale possibilities for accommodation (from small camping cabins to large log cabins, as well as traditional car or tent camping), restaurant and sauna as well as car-washing facilities.


All visitors must book their accommodations themselves directly from Sappee Camping. Reservations can be made by email or telephone. It is recommended to make reservations in advance, but accommodation may also be purchased directly at the entrance to the area. Sappee accepts debit/credit cards, but it is advisable to bring cash as well, as spontaneous swap-meets are known to appear during the event.

Contact info:

Sappeen Matkailukeskus
Sappeenvuorentie 200
36450 Salmentaka, Pälkäne
Tel: 020 755 9970 Fax: 020 755 9971
Email: sappee@sappee.fi


Check out the program page: https://buginfinn.fi/ohjelma/

Prize categories:

Volkswagen of the year
People’s choice
Top 10
Show & Shine
Longest Drive (Finland)
Longest Drive (International)
Highest car
Lowest car (traditional suspension)
Lowest car (air suspension)